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November 09, 2016

True Devotion

Paulo Coelho tells the following story in his book Stories for Parents, Children, and Grandchildren.  “A teacher took his disciple to a lake.  ‘Today, I’m going to show you what true devotion means,’ he said....

November 09, 2016

Too Busy to Pray

A busy corporate lawyer complained to a hermit that he was too busy to pray for even five minutes.  The hermit sat in silence for a while.  The lawyer started to get impatient, and then...

November 09, 2016

Your Faith has saved You

Do you ever worry?  Do you get anxious over money or relationships?  Do you fret about how your children are growing up and whether they will always be safe?  Do you stress out about the...

November 09, 2016

We are not Worthless

As I wait in line at a grocery store, I cannot help but see the covers of all sorts of magazines.  I notice Esquire, Vogue, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, People, and even the National Enquirer.  They...

November 09, 2016

You cannot serve God and mammon

Throughout history there have been many people who could not shake an obsessive fixation.  Martin Scorsese’s movie, The Gangs of New York starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis, hones in on New York City...

November 09, 2016

Happiness 5

Who hasn’t made a mistake in life?  We all have.  Everyone has hurt someone, intentionally or not.  Once we realize our sins, though, I think many of us punish ourselves.  Society, religion, and even our...

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