Service Trip Reflections

Learning to Serve

Service is an integral part of the St. John the Baptist experience. Each summer we offer a week-long immersion experience for our teens and young adults to serve. Here are some reflections from past experiences.

“The past 2 years I’ve been on the Philly Trip, it’s been a life changing experience, and I don’t mean that    lightly. Sacrificing time, energy, resources, and ourselves for a week to teach children of all ages about God’s power and love, was worth the investment and super rewarding.”  Erica, College Freshman

“…it has completely changed my life. Seeing such a different side of life, and experiencing life so differently really opened my eyes to how God effects all different types of people. My faith was strengthened by this trip, and I realized that even when I feel I have nothing I will always have God.” Diane,  11th grade

“…even though we were teaching the kids about God’s power, and love for one another; the team and staff were teaching me as well. I can say that I grew in my relationship with God immensely. Although I went for the kids, I was able to set my mind straight and set my path in life, and when I came back THAT WAS THE FIRST THING THAT I DID! I’m so appreciative of everyone that took part in the trip!”Jose, 12th grade

“… At the end I realized that we were there for a purpose, to bring the kids happiness and joy. Looking back at it, they also brought me happiness and joy. Most of all, we all formed friendships with the kids that we will never forget.” Sienna, 9th grade

This was the best thing that has happened to me in the last 5 years. I had the best time of my life and I can’t wait for next year. I’m happy to call everyone who went on this trip my new family.” Anthony, 11th grade

I’ve participated in this service trip for three years now, and each year it seems as if we, the volunteers, are the ones learning more about God’s love through the children.” Ana, College Freshman

“I’ve made so many connections. It’s amazing the change that we can make in their lives, but also the change they make in ours. It’s a life changing experience helping these kids and it’s worth every minute.” Alexis, 12th grade

“I was pretty skeptical at first, but as soon as the camp began, I knew this would be an amazing trip.” Ayo, 9th grade

If you are a youth who wishes to serve or an adult who wishes to chaperon, contact our Director of Youth Ministry.