Parishioners who Serve

Judy Hennig - Veteran, Nurse & Eucharistic Minister

Parishioners who Serve

Judy Hennig embodies service. Judy, who was born in Massachusetts into an economically challenged family, was raised with a strong sense of family, faith, responsibility and service. Her father was unable to serve in World War II.   It was, therefore, not a surprise to her family that Judy’s feeling of nationalism and service led her to serve our country as a nurse during the Vietnam War after graduating from the University of Massachusetts.

“Injustice is totally against my nature … I do what I can to better other’s lives.”

Judy’s first casualty during the war in Vietnam was a 12-year-old child, one of many children and infants who were innocent victims of the war.  “It is an abomination that the Viet Cong booby-trap babies to entice American GIs to pick them up,” Hennig recalls sadly. Judy sought opportunities to serve her Southeast Asia community despite the atrocities of wartime. Once a month, she volunteered her services to MedCap, a medical civilian program that provided food and medical aid at My Lang Catholic Orphanage in Tuy Hoa. At the orphanage, she met and connected with a three-year-old orphan, Nguyen Dong, whom she wanted to adopt.  Unfortunately, the Vietnamese government would not approve the adoption.

Upon her return to the states, Judy served at Walter Reed Hospital, earned her Master’s degree in cardiovascular nursing from Catholic University, and continued to serve communities near and far.

Today, Judy serves the St. John’s Veteran Program, the Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministry, and C-4, locally. Judy also serves the Native American population through the St. Joseph Indian School in Chamberlain, South Dakota and Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, South Dakota by providing clothing, books, toys and monetary assistance.

In addition, Judy is a mother of two children who are members of the Parish.  Alison leads a girl scout troop that includes children from St. John’s, and Nicole works in the school’s Before Care and After Care program.  Judy also volunteers at her grandchildren’s school whenever possible.

We are blessed to have Judy serve with our St. John’s community.

We are all called to serve. Contact our Parish Office (301-622-1122), if you wish to serve.