Our Parishioners

Parishioners who ServeSt. John the Baptist provides me with the spiritual nourishment and  support so I can go out to serve others.

Gail hails from Southern Florida and has always been devoted to prayer to the Blessed Mother. She served as a member of the Eco Ministry, and as an eighth-grade catechist for the Faith Formation Ministry. Gail wished to use her writing talent to glorify God in a greater way. Although she was at the top of her game as editor of Bloomberg News, she still felt unfulfilled. During her commute to work on the Metro, she prayed for a change. Change soon came.

On the morning of September 1, Gail was called to the human resources office and like many of her colleagues, she was laid-off. Despite the suddenness of the situation, Gail felt that all would be “ok.”

God Designed Gail’s Path

The path lead her to an opportunity to use her writing talents to serve God and others. Gail is the editor for Global Sisters Report, an independent, non-profit source of news and information about Catholic sisters and the critical issues facing the people they serve.

We are all called to serve. Contact our Parish Office (301-622-1122), if you wish to serve.