Elementary School

St. John the Baptist School

St. John the Baptist Parish is home to a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School serves students in Kindergarten through grade eight. St. John’s is committed to providing students with a safe, caring environment with excellent academic programs within the framework of the Catholic Church. Students who attend Catholic School receive their religious education as part of the school curriculum, however, they must attend the sacramental preparation classes offered through the Faith Formation Program.

Principal Blomquist amid our butterfly garden.
Principal Blomquist amid our butterfly garden.

Brian Blomquist became principal of St. John the Baptist School in July of 2014, succeeding Marianne Moore. Mr. Blomquist taught language arts (grades 6-8) and served as vice principal at St. Ann’s Academy in DC for seven years. He taught in DC public schools (grades 3 and 5) for three years after working for 17 years as a reporter for newspapers in southern Maryland, on the Maryland Eastern Shore, in eastern North Carolina, as well as for the Washington Times, New York Post and Washington Post. Mr. Blomquist and his wife, Trish,  an art teacher at St. Peter’s Catholic school on Capitol Hill, have lived in Washington, DC, for 26 years. They have four children (ages 16 to 22) and have sent them all to Catholic schools.

Priorities we consider when accepting prospective students:

  1. Children with siblings who now attend SJB School.
  2. Children of registered contributing parishioners for one year; longevity in the parish is considered, if necessary.
  3. Children of parishioners from Catholic parishes in the Archdiocese
  4. All others

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Children’s Masses
There are four special children’s liturgies throughout the year. During each of the liturgies, children act as greeters and lectors, the Children’s Choir leads us in song, and the homily is prepared with children in mind.

The Mass of the Holy Spirit is held in early September, the Pumpkin Liturgy is held at 5 p.m. on the Saturday before Halloween, the St. Nicholas Liturgy is held at 5 p.m. on the first Saturday in December, and Scout Sunday is celebrated at the Saturday evening and the 9 a.m. Masses on the first weekend in February.

School Liturgies
Once a month during the school year, SJB School hosts spirit-filled liturgies that are planned and led by students. All are welcome to attend. Check the Bulletin for times and dates.